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After having trained hundreds of candidates for navigation, accompanying future sailors until admission to the various options and extensions of the boat license, the Natic ​​Océan team responded to repeated requests from Hauts-de-France boaters and of the Benelux, by launching its new hardware store in 2020.

Thanks to the great experience of its founder Frédéric Facon, Engineer of Arts & Crafts, BAFM trainer and boat license, who is an experienced navigator, Natic ​​Océan offers you its selection of the best brands of fittings and supplies for all boaters and their boaters. ships.

Wide range of fittings distributed by NaticOcean

We have noticed that boaters, whether they are from Lille, Dunkirk, Belgium or England, often ask us for advice concerning their boats, navigation in coastal or river areas, and especially about the various fittings products.

This is why Natic ​​Océan has taken up this great challenge by creating your new hardware store, in order to allow "little mosses" as well as "old men" to go out to sea and on our canals in complete safety and confidence. with quality material.

Engagement environnement NaticOcean

The marine ecosystems being very fragile, and the sea being very impacted by nautical activities, our team ensures a permanent watch in order to offer you products that are ever more responsible and respectful of aquatic environments.

Our commitment is therefore clear: to promote as much as possible sustainable, quality products with the lowest possible impact on our lakes, rivers, coasts and oceans. This approach is reflected in particular in a constant search for new brands and technologies which will allow us, all sea lovers, to enjoy the pleasure of nautical outings while always respecting it more.

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